TOPHELD, a BEIJING TOP's company, is a company dedicated to becoming a services agent in providing mechanical engineering and sales services, including equipment/spare parts sales and after-sales, equipment purchase, inspection & expediting and business consulting.

  • Equipment and its spare parts sales: Co-Kneader, CR/DR imaging system, Jib crane, Precise Measurement Instrument, Valves;
  • Equipment inspection & expediting: Vendor survey, Third party inspection, Residential & Patrol inspection, Release, Unpacking inspection;
  • Equipment purchase: Wild and solid manufacturer network in aluminum, chemical and oil & gas industries.
  • Business Consulting: Help partners explore/develop Chinese market.

TOPHELD has more than 20 associates of inspectors, engineers and salesperson, who are proficient in many professions, such as machinery fabrication, welding, metal material, electric and automation control, chemical machinery & equipment, boiler, etc.

Most of our professionals has international working experience. They have supplied plenty of satisfied services on inspection & expediting, factory survey, equipment purchase, etc.

Relying on strong network of Beijing-based mother company, Beijing TOP Mechanical Engineering Technology services Co., Ltd., TOPHELD is willing to put the client at the forefront of our efforts on a daily basis, aspire to win the client’s confidence and business through our professionalism & excellence, quality & timeliness of responses, honest & fair treatment, and high quality support & services promptly.